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Dr. James Seipmann, MD, the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Theoretics, had this to say:  "I not only found it to be scientifically correct and logical, but also fun to read. ... Though I do not smoke I find this threat upon our freedoms truly frightening. ... (I)f the general public knew about it (Dissecting Antismokers' Brains) and how good it is, you would be on any best-seller list."

Samantha Phillipe, founder of the SmokersClub.com and the the long running (260+ weekly issues!)  Pro-Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter (http://smokersclub.com/newsltr.htm) had this to say:

"Overall his book is incredibly readable for the amount of information it packs into its 370 pages: you'll almost feel at times like you're reading a page-turning novel rather than a serious work of non-fiction aimed at a modern social problem."


The poor little fellow pictured here is an Antibrain. Taken from the head of a typical Anti-smoker, he's about to be dissected by, of all things, a smoker.

Dissecting Antismokers' Brains dumps traditional "conspiracy theory" thinking about social movements and examines the rise of public feeling against smokers and smoking as the being the product of a number of diverse groups and individuals with differing motivations.  Today's antismoking lobby has access to hundreds of millions of dollars to promote their goals but "The Greedy", those with largely financial motivations, are only one of nine distinct groups examined in the first fifty page section of Dissecting.   

This website will give you a general introduction to Dissecting Antismokers' Brains.  Several excerpts including the Author's Preface, an analysis of the arguments and research surrounding tobacco taxes, and excerpts from the extensive sections on "second-hand" smoke are available through the links on the left. In addition,  www.TheTruthIsALie.com  is a full reproduction of one of the appendices, while http://www.nycclash.com/Philly.html#ETSTable is an early version of another Appendix.

These sections should give you a reasonably good feel for the writing style and content to be found within the book as well as providing the web reader with some important basic information.

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